Make Up for the Forever Classic Chuck Taylor All Star

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Make Up for the Forever Classic Chuck Taylor All Star

ตั้งหัวข้อ  louis122 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:08 pm

In our country, the classic blank white and black all star shoes never are on promotion under any circumstance. But still they are the best sellers. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas Shoes have always been cool and probably always will be.

Making graffiti grows to be a new fashion. Of course, it is not only graffiti; you can draw what ever you want on your chucks, ranging from union jack, galaxy, cartoon figure, portraits or plants and flowers. There is no limit to what can be painted canvas shoes. I specially recommend drawing anime figures on canvas shoes. That looks cool and painting work is relatively easier than portraits painting. I am good at anime painting. Actually you can paint on whatever you wear, footwear, bags, hats, T-shirt or denim jackets. Keep in mind that you need to choose professional paints on fabric. Good quality paints are waterproof and won’t fade or peel off from canvas shoes.

Generally each pair of shoes takes 3-4 hours to finish painting, which depends on the complexity of the pattern itself. The artwork is done by hand, so they usually cost little expensive than common canvas shoes.


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