"That's Impossible!" (2009)

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"That's Impossible!" (2009)

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"That's Impossible!" (2009)

That's Impossible! is a science-based documentary on the History Channel
narrated by Jonathan Frakes, best known for Lieutenant Commander William T. Riker,
on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The show deals with everything from lasers and
mind control to weather warfare. The series also mentions HAARP, a program that
deals with the ionosphere. Leading scientists like Nick Pope discuss various aspects
of the proposed technology. The first episode was about weather warfare.
The second was about lasers, and their possible use in warfare by 2025 and
maybe even by our troops. The third episode, which aired last night,
was about mind control.


Episode 1 - Invisibility Cloaks
Episode 2 - Real Terminators
Episode 3 - Weather Warfare
Episode 4 - Eternal Life
Episode 5 - Death Rays and Energy Weapons
Episode 6 - Mind Control


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Re: "That's Impossible!" (2009)

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That's Impossible - Invisibility Cloaks 1