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About Canvas Shoes

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The Canvas shoes we called are kinds of casual shoes, with canvas upper and rubber sole. If you run, perform aerobics, play tennis or any other sports then go in for a solid pair of sneakers and leave the canvas shoes for the beach, backyard or strolling. Canvas is a coarse cotton cloth material, making from hemp and very durable. So canvas is used in many products, like shoes, tents, sails and so on. Canvas material is also a good choice for painting. So the art of hand painting canvas shoes rises recently.
Hand painted canvas shoes are mostly designed for Teens or Youth. Especially some graffiti style or rock punk style patterns are made according to youths favor. Some paint canvas shoes are especially made for children, with cute designs or figures on them, like some cartoon or anime characters paint shoes.

Slip-on shoes and high-top canvas shoes are more suitable and easy for painting. Low-top canvas shoes are not suitable for some complicated patterns. Canvas shoes are fun, casual, and versatile and are also not normally that expensive. You can purchase a decent pair of them for anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars (and sometimes considerably less). And the hand-painted shoes are not expensive either. Hand paint is not the same as print. Printing patterns on shoes is so much easier and easy to be copied. Hand painted shoes are with more value and personality. While do not think hand painted shoes cost expensive. The slip-on or low top hand-painted canvas shoes usually need 30-50 us dollars. And high tops cost 45-70 us dollars on shoemycolor.com. Even personalized custom converse shoes or vans shoes are below $100. The personalization means only one for you, no copy. So some couples, families like to customize a pair of unique shoes, painting something important or interesting to them. And also there are some companies request to paint their logo and mottos on the converse shoes.
Many people may worry about the cleaning of hand painted canvas shoes. You know canvas shoes especially white canvas shoes get dirty easy. To deeply clean the shoes, we usually brush them with toothbrush with soap water. But whether this will damage the painting or not? How can we make the paint pattern stay well while clean the shoes at the same time? As a matter of fact, once the shoes are paint with acrylic paint, which is professional canvas paint, it is hard to come off. So don’t worry about the painting, you can still brush it. Do not use a ‘suede and fabric’ shampoo and then set them somewhere to air dry. Also, keep in mind that your shoelaces will need to be replaced occasionally. Always tie up your laces and don’t buy ones that are either too long or too short.


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