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Know More about Shoes Sizes

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When we search shoes size table on, there are so many results. And when you open to see them one by one, you may find out that they not the same. Take Canvas shoes for example, converse has its size table, and Vans has another size table. The size of shoes varies from brand to brand and country to country. Shoe companies try to stay as close to the standard shoe sizes of their native country as possible. However, the sizes always vary slightly.
If you purchase online and come across a good deal, you’d better check the size carefully, because maybe they are made outside of your country. Americans use US Size, British people use UK Size and Netherland people use EUR size. Then you need an international shoe size conversion table. It tells you what size you wear in almost any country and make shoe shopping easier. Some Larger stores and specialty shoe stores usually show the converting shoe sizes table on their website, which can tell what size you will wear if you are purchasing shoes overseas. Of course, some high-level luxury custom shoes don’t have such trouble. These shoes are handmade to custom to fit a person’s individual foot. Many people prefer the fit and feel of custom-made shoes.
As I mentioned in the beginning, there are many versions of international shoe size conversion chart even they are all with the same name. So you’d better turn to the seller for help and get the exact size table. You know it is a little troublesome if you buy wrong size shoes online. Returning and replacement cost shipping fee and time. If it is international shipping and custom duty, it is very costly. However, a great many online stores are not responsible for returning and replacing shipping. Therefore, it is quite important and necessary to make clear the shoes size.
Why different brand has different size? It is for the sake of marketing. Because big shoes enterprises hope customers are loyal to their shoe brands. Of course there are other reasons. Many different things including the type of machines that the company uses can cause the differences in shoe sizes. And the different design style may also cause the difference. An athletic shoe might vary by a half size or more in comparison to dress shoes or heels. Anyhow I think it marketing plan is a major reason. How tricky these manufacturers are!


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