Shoes Sizes Vary from Brand to Brand

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Shoes Sizes Vary from Brand to Brand

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Shoes size is not always the same. Of course, different style shoes have different size. Sporting shoes might vary by a half size or more in comparison to high heels. Even in same field of canvas shoescanvas shoes[/url][/b], Converse, Vans and Toms have different sizes. It changes from brand to brand. Is it a conspiracy? Not really, it is a marketing plan, to make customers loyal to their shoes.
And new machines and new technology can cause other variances of shoe sizes. Businesses change too, causing shoe sizes to be different. Learn more about world shoe sizes by looking at an online search engine. Use a key word ‘world shoe sizes’ to research shoe size difference and to find shoe-sizing conversion charts.
Before buying a pair of canvas shoescanvas shoes online[/url][/b], check your size and compare it to the international shoe size conversion chart or ask a store associate for help in determining the correct size.


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