Maintenance of Hand Painted Clothing

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Maintenance of Hand Painted Clothing

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1. We usually wash and iron the newly bought clothing before painting on it. New processing hand painted clothing can’t be washed within 48 hours after painting. If you buy hand painted clothes or hand painted canvas shoes online, you don’t need to worry about it. Because in the process of shipping, the paint patterns are completely dry. You can wash it immediately when you receive it.
2. Since the pigment is professional hand painted paint, it is covered on the surface of clothes or canvas shoes. The surface of patterns won’t be dirt easily, so do not use a bleaching detergent to wash it. It is best to wash it in cold water or warm water below 40 ° C.
3. You’d better not wash it with washing machine.
4. Take hand painted clothing out of washing machine immediately after washing finished. Do not use dry machine. Do not expose your paint canvas shoes under the sunshine.


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