Hit a long way with Cheap Golf Equipment

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Hit a long way with Cheap Golf Equipment

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Hit a long way with Cheap Golf Equipment

The best example of the modern day golfer is Sergio Garcia. Sergio holds his wrist angle, and creates a ton of lag in his golf swing, which enables him to compress the golf ball and hit it a LONG ways. If you were to see the sequence shot of hogan in this picture, you'd see his hands come all the way to impact position, and he'd still have a massive lag with the club. The ONLY way he is able to get the clubhead back to the ball to make contact, is he makes a very aggressive move with his body from a rotational standpoint. If he didn't, he wouldn't even hit the ball with Cheap Golf Equipment. Pro Tip If you want more lag in your golf swing, and you want to remove your right wrist from flipping, you might want to take a look at the Golf Wrist Lag Aid.


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