Hot Sale Callaway FT Fairway Wood

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Hot Sale Callaway FT Fairway Wood

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The Callaway FT Fairway wood is one of the most recent additional Callaway Golf Clubs to the Callaway line. The company introduced us to their Fusion technology a few years ago and they have carried it forward into 2011. Callaway’s new FT-i Squareway woods have stolen the fairway wood spotlight but the more traditional FT Fairway shouldn’t be forgotten. It is one of the hot sale clubs from Callaway golf line.

The FT is engineered for performance with Callaway hoping a conventional hosel will give it a broad appeal. There's everything from a degree 3-wood and a 5-wood, plus "regular" or "stiff" bias choices in some models. The Callaway FT Fairway Wood has earned raves on the golf circuit as a series of clubs that provides the forgiveness, distance, and shot-shaping capabilities that players demand. You can put this clubs into your Callaway Golf Bags at a wholesale golf price.

It is made with multi-material construction, combining a stainless steel face and body with a sole infused with the denser tungsten. That saves discretionary weight that has been moved to the perimeter of the club, optimizing the center of gravity. The ball jumps off the clubface of the Callaway Golf Clubs FT fairway wood, and flies down the fairway when it's hit solidly. The FT fairway wood retails at best golf price, and looks, sounds and plays like one of the best on the market.

All in all, not only Callaway Fairway Woods, but also Callaway Driver and Callaway Irons are goodCallaway Golf Clubs released from Callaway Company.

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