Odyssey Putter-Odyssey White Hot Tour 1 Review

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Odyssey Putter-Odyssey White Hot Tour 1 Review

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Featuring a modified, extended mallet head with weighted alignment wings, a double-bend shaft & full-shaft offset, the White Hot Tour 1Odyssey Putters combines the 2-Ball alignment system, #7 fang design, & White Hot XG technology. Inspired by proven, high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology, Odyssey Putters White Hot Tour utilizes a multi-layer insert for incredible on-green performance. It combines 2 materials with different properties to take the level of feedback, feel & distance control of the already popular 2-Ball Putter to an extreme level.

They are charactered by the following features:

Unique Head Shape – Uncommon yet popular putter head design created by the weighted alignment wings has inspired the nickname Fang Putter.
Textured Impact Zone – Enhances feel and clearly defines the sweet spot.
The left-handed model is also available for the 2-Ball Putter
Elastomer Core Material – Soft for great feel and highly resilient to get the ball rolling quickly on your intended line.
Unique 2-Ball Putter Alignment System – Improves your aim for better accuracy.
Thin, outer striking surface – Firm for fine-tuned responsiveness.

An Odyssey Putters is a promise made. Odyssey designs each of its putters to help golfers to slay more demons and sink more putts. But the company also designs them to withstand any kind of punishment, and then backs them up with an Odyssey assurance of quality. Odyssey rarely sees a putter returned, but if you find a defect within a two-year period, the company will repair or replace it no questions asked. And that's a promise kept.


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