Deadly Impact !!!

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Deadly Impact !!!

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Robert Kurtzman directs Deadly Impact , an action film starring Sean Patrick Flanery as a cop named Tom Armstrong working in New Mexico. When we meet him , he and his partner are hanging out decorating a Christmas tree and talking having kids with their respective wives. They get the call and rush into action and we cut to a scene in the basement of a house where Tom s own wife is tied and bound to a post in the basement. Tom s cell phone rings and it s The Lion (Joe Pantoliano) , a master criminal and serial murderer that Tom has been chasing for some time now. It seems that , like Jigsaw from the Saw films , he wants to play a game with Tom. He tells him that the whole house is rigged with enough plastic explosive to level the entire block and that the only way he can stop this explosion is by shooting his wife dead. With time running out , Tom makes the hard decision and pops a cap in poor Mrs. Armstrong , the woman he loved and had hoped to one day make babies with.


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